About THP Studio

We love crafting easy-to-use, beautiful websites that not only look the part but perform amazingly too.

But the build is only part of the equation. Our SEO services progressively tune your online presence to ensure you outpace your competition.

In conjunction with other premium service providers, we work closely with a small number of clients to ensure we never compromise quality for quantity.


We provide SEO services that move the needle. In addition, we believe in honest, transparent reporting so that you understand what we are doing behind the scenes.

Web Design

Many businesses are still running dated and poorly maintained websites. Our new website builds are the foundation for your business to be found more easily and by more people online.


Our experience and custom-made approaches to SEO and web design mean we can provide valuable insights for other service providers. We can provide consultation on your next project.

THP Studio

THP Studio is owned and operated by Tim Hester.

Our early clients know us as Tim Hester Photography. It was in 2001 that the business got its start and Tim began working as a fully qualified professional photographer.

Even while working as a photographer, Tim created and maintained websites.

For years now, web design and SEO have been the sole focus of THP Studio. With a background in visual arts, THP Studio’s designs are always pixel perfect.

When we need custom graphics or logos designed for our clients, we call upon our sister company, THP Creative.

Tim Hester

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Recent Clients Include

Jacksons 4x4 logo
Trident Tyres logo
TRP Communications, Inc. logo
Kurun Warun logo
Mount Gambier Off Road Centre logo
Jacksons Australia logo
ISA Solutions logo
Carry Me Camper logo
Whyalla Self Storage logo
All Over Solar Panel Cleaning logo
Morrell Builders logo
StrataComm logo

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